Top Knobs

Top Knobs


Top Knobs is a leading design company in the decorative hardware industry. Founded in 1994, they are a top contender in the industry with over 4,500 cabinet hardware products including 35 product collections and 38 finishes of kitchen and bath decorative hardware and accessories.


The company’s creative design staff and talented craftsmen can be credited for the wide selection of high quality and value of the traditional and modern decorative hardware offerings. Each Top Knobs piece has the quality look and feel of custom-made, at an affordable price.


Top Knobs products are only available in design showrooms and from authorized dealers. As an authorized dealer and Top Knobs partner, we carry their entire catalog of cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, and furniture and kitchen hardware. Don’t see a particular product you are looking for? Let us know and we will find it for you!


All Things Top Knobs

top knobs aluminum finish


top knobs antique copper finish

Antique Copper

top knobs antique pewter finish

Antique Pewter

top knobs black iron finish

Black Iron

top knobs black nickel finish

Black Nickel

top knobs brass finish


top knobs brass antique finish

Brass Antique

top knobs brushed bronze finish

Brushed Bronze

top knobs brushed satin nickel finish

Brushed Satin Nickel

top knobs cast iron finish

Cast Iron

top knobs coal black finish

Coal Black

top knobs dark antique brass finish

Dark Antique Brass

top knobs flat black finish

Flat Black

top knobs german bronze finish

German Bronze

top knobs light bronze finish

Light Bronze

top knobs mahogany bronze finish

Mahogany Bronze

top knobs medium bronze finish

Medium Bronze

top knobs oil rubbed bronze finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze

top knobs old english copper finish

Old English Copper

top knobs patina black finish

Patina Black

top knobs patina rouge finish

Patina Rouge

top knobs pewter finish


top knobs pewter antique finish

Pewter Antique

top knobs pewter light finish

Pewter Light

top knobs polished brass finish

Polished Brass

tops knobs polished chrome finish

Polished Chrome

top knobs polished nickel finish

Polished Nickel

top knobs polished stainless steel finish

Polished Stainless Steel

top knobs rust finish


top knobs sable finish


top knobs silicon bronze light finish

Silicon Bronze Light

top knobs stainless steel finish

Stainless Steel

top knobs true rust finish

True Rust

top knobs tuscan bronze finish

Tuscan Bronze

top knobs umbrio finish


top knobs verdigris finish


top knobs verdigris english finish

Verdigris English

top knobs white finish


Top Knobs Info


Top Knobs works with designers and suppliers to reduce waste, recycle, and reuse. Here are some of Top Knobs green initiatives:


    >Most Top Knobs products are solid metal. This attribute makes recycling easy and less energy-intensive for waste facilities.


    >Most knobs and pulls are made from a single metal. Take a brass knob for example. Having a single material in a product removes the process of material separation when recycling that product. This requires less energy from a waste system.


    >Recycled materials are purchased and used in the manufacturing process when possible and available. The percentage of recycled material can be significant but also varies by metal, product, production run, and factory.


    >Packaging practices exceed industry standards. For example, Shared packaging is used to combine several products and reduce waste when shipping. Even though the amount of packaging material is reduced, product protection when shipping is not.


    >Environmentally friendly printing practices are followed. Catalogs, brochures, and other literature are printed on recycled paper.



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