Atlas Hardware

atlas hardware


    Atlas Hardware’s ever evolving styles are the driving force behind the success and quality of the company and products. None of their offerings, whether it is handles, cabinet pulls, or knobs, is created with low quality materials. Atlas has made it a priority to only use high quality materials including aluminum, iron, solid metal, and zinc. Not only are Atlas Homewares items affordable, they are visually appealing as well.

    Atlas Hardware produces products with styles that are constantly evolving. Every collection is designed with a certain concept. For example the Ergo collection is a refreshment to the typical design of hardware. Other design concepts of collections include sparsity, simplicity, and modernity. The diversity of these collections is causing many of the merchandise, such as Atlas drawer pulls, to be celebrated by customers and corporations.

    Customers have raved about how Atlas products have transformed their home. Some even credit Atlas door knobs to causing inspiration for the rest of their house. In addition, the top of the line merchandise made by Atlas Hardware are not going unnoticed. Magazines such as HGTV, Dwell, and Better Homes and Gardens have all included products, such Atlas cabinets in their magazines. The offerings produced by Atlas homewares are here to last.



Atlas Hardware follows four main design themes:

    >Legacy: Influenced by classics which have stood the test of time, Legacy style is agelessly beautiful.  It is rooted in magnificence and infused with charm. If you are interested in Legacy style, check out the following Atlas collections: Alcott, Austen, Bronte, Browning, Dickinson, Distressed, Ergo, Legacy Crystal, Shelley, and Sutton Place.

    >Exclusive: Ranging from ornate to conservative, Exclusive style has something for every taste, no matter how specific.  For some Exclusive style collections look at Atlas collections American Arts & Crafts, Buckle Up, Centinel, Dap Modern, Element, Fulcrum, Lattice, Mandalay, Modernist, Nobu, Olde World, Primitive, Scroll, Steampunk, and Trocadero.

    >Successi: Simple and minimalist, this style fits perfectly into any home. Its smooth designs evoke a sense of tranquility unique to this style. Some Successi style collections from Atlas include Roundabout, Sleek, and U-Turn.

    >Boutique: Taking inspiration from sources all around the world, this artisan crafted style never fails to add character.  It is diverse, yet comprehensive.  Some examples of Atlas Boutique style collections are Canterbury, Crystal and Pavé, Dream Glass, Hamptons Leather, Optimism, Paradigm, Spa, Tangeres, and Zanzibar.